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HO Scale Modular Model Railroad Club
A Word From Our President

In the year of our Lord 2016 after 20 some years of being president the Honorable President Terry Ewing was lifted to the position of President Ameritus. The new President of the Saginaw River Valley Model Railroad Club is Chris J Klemm. Only liked by a few... He has graciously accepted his nomination since no one else wanted the job.

 Whom can I piss off today? - CJ Klemm

You know what... I really don't care! - CJ Klemm*

Dear Sir... You are out of order! - Terry Ewing

50,000 demerits for making derogatory statements
about the President! - Terry Ewing

*Quote from previous meetings

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Saginaw River Valley Railroad Club
Saginaw, Michigan

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