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Photos From The Past


Ore train rolls through Fisherville yard

B&O Royal Blue crosses Main St. at sundown

B&O GP35, UP AC4400 and SOO Line GP38 make a triple pass near the quarry

NKP 765 passes Christie's Campground

Thomas hops a ride on a mainline freight

Christie's DD40 at speed on the layout

A CP Rail overtakes VIA passenger train

Central Vermont boxcar at the farm

Dow train passing the zoo

Man looks as a branch line freight meets a passenger train

UP switching Speitz Brewery

SP GS4 passes Granholm's construction zone

Gordon smiles at the campers

CM 8905 enters Big Rock Canyon

LSRC 181 waits for a fast CN road freight

UP challenger steams past the play ground

The hops cars have arrived at Speitz Brewery

CN stack train gets a green once the UP cleared

VIA 6444 picks up passengers at the main station

The food freight flies past the little league field

SP GS4 crossing Benton Boulevard

A UP speeds past Speitz Brewery

Long Dow train crosses Ewing Gorge

DD40 heads a passenger train

Thalys Bullet makes a stop at the drive in

CM SD40-2 heads the Dow train over Ewing Gorge

DD40 heads past the farm

DD40 pulling a stack train

CN 2518 heads through Big Rock Mountain Canyon

Train Wrecks

The SRV is also prone to having derailments or mischievous finger accidents.
Usually someone has a camera around to record the incident.

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